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To K-ELF, please read.

There are bad comments from K-ELF spreaded around saying that International-ELF are not real fans because we download the albums for free. I can’t stand this kind of things. 

• Do you know that not all of us have the money to buy more than 10 albums like you do? Or at least one?

• Do you know how expensive is the dollar for some countries?

• Do you know how expensive is the album and the shipping cost?

• Do you know that there are some countries that DO NOT ALLOW

 people to buy things online? They buy something but never get it.

• Do you know how shitty it feels?

You guys live in the same country as them, you can buy with no problems. We aren’t as lucky as you.

Some of us have to save money for months to buy one album, we want to buy but we can’t to do it like you do. Some can’t spend the money in albums even though they really want to.

We support the group by voting for them, watching videos, making them popular in our countries, we buy the albums when we can, we do our best and DO NOT DESERVE to be called “not real fans” because we download the music. We have the same right as you to listen to the album, to be a real fan and YOU ARE NOT A SUPERIOR OR ANYTHING to say who is real and who is not.

Like it or not, we are all ELF. 

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